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Founded in 2008, Electroinstal Solution has quickly become a leader in the development of fully customized, comprehensive and efficient design and execution solutions with complete services for low and medium voltage electrical installations, security systems (fire detection, anti-theft system, access control, CCTV), voice and data networks for both individuals and companies. With its highly skilled and experienced professional staff, Electroinstal Solution is ideally positioned to deliver cost-effective electrical, IT, automations, security or photovoltaic solutions and services to commercial and private companies with varying operational volumes and needs.

We have a holistic view in configuring custom solutions that are optimized for your customer environment, while realizing maximum value from our integrated portfolio of intelligent solutions and analytics.

Our partnership philosophy is to leverage the synergies of leading edge technology providers, our proven implementation methodology, and our client relationships to deliver stellar value and performance.

Our partners are also supported with referrals and leads from market development initiatives.

We can help you define your system requirements, create an effective design, and coordinate implementation. You will benefit from our knowledge and our experience helping other clients find the design that helps them attain a safe environment for their organisation, protect their assets or improve their choices.

Dynamism & Innovation

The world is changing and we are changing with it. Innovation is the key to evolution, and dynamism is the path to progress.

Trust and respect

Our customers and suppliers are our business partners. Thanks to them we have managed to get where we are today and evolve.

Customer Orientation

We analyse each client, so as to offer solutions in accordance with its needs.


We are responsible for all the details that influence the quality of the works and services offered by us.

Our team includes: 

Why us? The quality of human resources recommends us!

Why us? The quality of human resources recommends us!

Our team includes: 

Why us? International certifications recommend us!

In service industries, employees are everything. We pride ourselves on having certified staff with excellent expertise and credentials. 


Our objective is to offer quality services, meeting or exceeding all regulations and requirements at competitive prices. Our experienced and certified personnel ensure we comply with all standards. We try to be always up to date with developments in technology and informed about new developments in our industry, continuously educating ourselves and sharing and applying this knowledge to our customers. You can be confident that Electroinstal Solution can provide you with the best services at competitive prices either through direct contracting or public bidding.

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