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Regardless of a company’s industry or size, we are all technology-enabled and connected. IT Services and tech support represent a commodity that your business cannot exist without. Electroinstal Solution ensures that your IT infrastructure will be fast, stable and efficient with us!

Voice & Data Network

Unifying Your Technology Through Efficient Connectivity Solutions

We partner with you to create secure and unified communications throughout your operations. The experience of the Electroinstal Solution team helps you to develop, manage, and implement the technology you need to connect your systems and your business.

Imagine… your entire network, on a single reliable system! We’re not just a service, we are your partners in connecting and securing your entire IT system.

What we offer:


Data Center

Companies need reliable, redundant, and cost effective data centers.

That is where we come in. Electroinstal Solution is the data center solution provider for you that can offer an agile IT environment that scales to meet your needs, while at the same time providing a secure physical and virtual IT environment.

With Electroinstal Solution, companies can now get facilities, technologies and resources that deliver competitive advantages at predictable costs, 24/7 resiliency and security while staying within a budget.

Our qualified service professionals can help you convert your vision into an efficient and reliable data center.

What we offer:

What we offer:


Audio-Video Sound Systems

Audio and video technology has dramatically evolved over the past ten years. You can do a lot with handheld video cameras or even your smartphone that you simply couldn’t do before. However, these don’t come close to the quality you’ll get when you hire professional audio/video service. At Electroinstal Solution, we can create an amazing experience through sound, lighting, and video.

Our team is qualified to design and install structured wiring systems and we are insured, bonded, and certified for your protection.

Audio: We offer in house acoustical modeling and sound system performance optimization prior to construction and installation, an invaluable service that aids in proving out the engineering behind a design.

Video: Like every Electroinstal Solution installed system, we custom tailor the design to meet each customer’s requirements and budget. Our philosophy on system design stems from our years of experience. We understand that each implementation of a video system is unique, and each design requires ample design time to ensure proper functionality and operation.

What we offer:

Payment Solutions

Together, we work!

Our automated payment solutions are focused on your business success. Electroinstal Solution can help you profit from your parking, electrical vehicle charging and access control systems.

Automated parking systems increase your revenue while simultaneously cutting your costs. Automation ensures 24 hours operation, but can also be disabled on a schedule of your choice.

With tighter labour markets, Automated payment solutions reduce your headaches and recover their investment costs very quickly.

Our automated payment solutions and support ensures your smooth operations and revenue!

What we offer:

We believe in building long lasting business relationships.

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