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Intelligent Lighting

We make it easy to keep your space efficient and secure!

Intelligent Lighting Systems are wired to control the light distribution and therefore energy consumption of a usable space.

Intelligent Lighting Systems are powered by the all mighty and very intelligent LED lights (LEDs are deemed intelligent because of their ability to work with other systems and because their controls can be automated, reducing human involvement and saving energy). LEDs produce less heat than traditional lights, have a longer lifespan, and are extremely low maintenance.


At Electroinstal Solution, we understand that this is the future and most new automation systems are smartphone ready. Meaning, you can control different systems from anywhere in the world, at any time. Automation systems primarily focus on your existing lighting system, but can also control electric shades, entertainment systems, and security systems.

There is a reason why the number of installed automation systems is increasing rapidly: The technology is evolving and becoming increasingly more affordable and lowers operating costs. Contact us to find out all solutions available.

Smart House / KNX

Your life. Your home. Your technology. Simplified. Smart living at home.

Electricity and the digital world are growing all around us. By combining these two resources, Electroinstal Solution delivers smart solutions that take your home to the next level in terms of safety, comfort, and sustainability.

A smart home is a healthy, beautiful home. Enjoy natural lighting indoors that enhances your art, interior design and wellness, with complete control from anywhere in the world. We specialize in the integration of sophisticated electronic systems into reliably controlled architecture.

A Building Management System(BMS) is a computer-based system installed in buildings and homes to manage and monitor equipment such as air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, power systems, among others.

Through the use of innovative products, we can help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save on your energy costs.

Equip your space smart and welcome the future by installing with us a BMS system that is meant to ease your life with just a click on your smartphone.


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